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Himal Southasian | Can't Catch That Big Break - Is Gatekeeping and Nepotism Stunting Aspiring Actors. May 2021

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Women Under Siege | The Aurat March Ushers In A Radical Feminist Movement. June 2020


Foreign Policy | On Coronavirus, Pakistan's Government Is Missing In Action. May 2020

Poetry (Digital)

Kenyon Review | There Will Always Be A Man. Forthcoming

Protean Magazine | Every Man Must Overcome A Whiteness Within Himself. April 2021

Journal of Compressed Creative Arts | We're Tired. April 2021

Wax Nine | An Avant Garde means being a dark horse and Swimming Against the Tide. September 2020

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Poetry (Print)

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Books and Anthologies

Flash Fiction (Print)

Diode Poetry Anthology | How to create the 'perfect' girl. Forthcoming.


Hellebore Poetry Press | Vulnerability (Debut Poetry Chapbook). Forthcoming in Summer of 2021

Prototype Anthology (3) | Autumn & A Bitch, A Live Wire. July 2021

Lucent Dreaming | You think too much. April 2021 


Hellebore Poetry Press | Winner of the 2019-2020 Hellebore Poetry Scholarship Award

The Tempest | Best Essays of The Tempest 2019 - Life Edition